sabato 23 gennaio 2016


When a friend ask you to make some illustration his rabbit for his living room how could you not

feel pleased?!

Mostri mostri mostriiiiii

Some month ago I received several request for monsters illustration... I don't know why everyone decided that it was the right time to have its own monster... Anyway I gave my proper version of them!
Here they are

domenica 18 ottobre 2015

Life in Switzerland

How long it's been since the last post.... A bit yes...
In the mean time I moved to Switzerland  and started a new work that keeps me extremely busy, actually the real thing is that after a month I still need time to get use to the new morning alarm at 6.30am... This is the most difficult part of my job...
But on Sunday, when I don't go back to Italy I am free so no excuses I can and must sketch!!!

Here are a summary of my latest  adventures in this new country!!! :P

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

Mummy's crazyness

I have a crazy mum and this is quite obvious because without her been so I would not be as crazy as I am myself...
Anyway, two days ago I experienced the validity of the statement " be careful of what you are wishing because it could become reality!". I was just thinking that I would have enjoyed spending a bit of time with my mum when she called me and told me: "You know what Ceh?! I had a great idea I will come to London by car so we can move all your stuff in a more easy way... It will be funny! I have also checked, we could come back from Innsbruck and we could go to a Son et Lumieres on the evening! Are you happy?!"

sabato 22 agosto 2015

London from a different "speed of view"

Mid July, nice warm evening, perfect condition to meet a friend that I hadn't seen for such a long time and that accidentally I found living in London just as me.
After a pizza and a some delicious grilled fish he had the nice idea of asking me: "You know what?! If you want I could give you a ride back to home with my Vespa!"
I tried to convince him that I use to live on de other side of the city from where we were, but he was really decided so eventually we took this ride.
For me it has been a really special moment I have to admit it, I really enjoyed seen London from a different point of view the temperature was perfect and he rode the motorbike well so I was confident and happy.
Unfortunately I think that my friend realized too late that I wasn't exaggerating about the distance so after leaving me he had to goes back to his place retracing all the road... Poor thing, I think all the trip took him something like 2 hours... Probably I will never ever call me back too see me again....
Sorry mate!

giovedì 16 luglio 2015

What I LOVE about my life in London!

What I absolutely love about my life in London are those super lunch and dinner with my super friend!
And when it is a picnic in Greenwich Park in an hot summer day it is even better!!!
If my future would take me somewhere else I can't even immagine how much I will miss those moments that I adore and how much I will miss my friend that I love!

Cio` che assolutamente amo della mia vita a Londra sono quei super pranzi e cene con la mia super Amica!
E quando si tratta di picnic nel Parco di Greenwich in un super caldo giorno d'estate e` anche meglio!!!
Se il mio futuro dovesse portarmi da qualche altra parte non riesco nemmeno ad immaginare quanto mi mancheranno questi momenti e quanto mi mancherà la mia Amica che adoro!